Mihajlovic: 977.7 mln euros to be invested in infrastructure

Photo: Supplied

BELGRADE – Serbia’s Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Zorana Mihajlovic said Monday the government would invest 977.7 mln euros in infrastructure in deals to be given to Serbian companies.

This proves the volume of investment into the Serbian economy, Mihajlovic told the RTS, urging all Serbian construction companies to prepare well for works on infrastructure projects.

“Get ready, and get together if necessary, for the major infrastructure deals that await us this year. What we will want for the money we invest is meeting quality standards and deadlines,” a statement from Mihajlovic’s ministry quoted her as saying.


  1. She just forgot to tell where is the billion euros coming from. Since it is certainly not from the budget, it has to be a loan from IMF or alike, with the real purpose of extracting more profits from Serbia. Would be interesting to know how much of that billion euros will actually be used to hire Serbian companies.