BELGRADE – The situation in Venezuela may lead to a “color revolution,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.

“The situation in Venezuela is getting hot,” the statement reads. “Radical opposition group taking control of the parliament has stepped up its bellicose rhetoric, calling for civil disobedience. Preparations are underway for protests due in the next few days, which may portend, or are rather deliberately aimed at provoking clashes between protesters and police, resulting in casualties.”

“Unfortunately, this kind of a ‘color revolution’ scenario is no news. It is not difficult to foresee what it will bring if one looks into the events taking place in a number of other countries in the recent years,” the statement adds.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also said that under these circumstances, the calls for continuing dialogue between the government and the opposition should be voiced twice as loud. “The provocateurs should understand that they will receive no support because it is against the constitutional order respected by all countries of the Western Hemisphere. It also contradicts the aspirations of the Venezuelan people and the people of Latin America who are willing to solve various issues through talks instead of using force and protesting, to help maintain regional and global peace and stability,” the ministry stated.

According to the ministry’s statement, Russia’s position emphasizing the need to settle the situation through dialogue between the government and the opposition, “is consistent with the opinion prevailing in Latin America and beyond.”

“Radical resolutions aimed at destroying fragile peace in the country have received virtually no support,” the Russian Foreign Ministry added.