Serbia counts on Trump

BELGRADE – Serbia’s president criticised the outgoing US administration, voicing hope that President-elect Donald Trump would be more favourable towards Belgrade over the thorny issue of Kosovo, reports.

President Tomislav Nikolic told the US ambassador to Serbia, Kyle Scott during a meeting that the United States had caused “many troubles” for Serbia, according to a statement from Nikolic’s office.

“I hope that this kind of behaviour will cease with the new administration,” he said.

Trump, who takes office on Friday, is popular in Serbia, where he is perceived as a leader likely to adopt a more “pro-Serbian” policy regarding the Kosovo issue.


  1. Serbia is foolish to think the U.S. overall agenda will change. U.S. is run by the deep-state elites and shadow government. U.S. actually has a long history of working against Serbs, and even in WWII they were bombing Serbian civilians and civilian infrastructure to help install Tito and his communists.

  2. The U.S. Will be working MUCH closer with Serbia guaranteed.
    JJ : if you paid for that history lesson, I would seriously ask for my money back. One world explains you: Clueless

  3. There will be some shift, to be more precise, relief for Serbs for sure because how he and his administration see the big picture is changing. Trump is a business man in nature, and he sees CASHES, to be more precise again, CASHES only in front of his nose. That’s why he shifts his administration to target China, unlike his predecessors who see wealth buried underneath Russia.
    I voted for him because we independent voters believe it’s time for the Clintons to retire, and for good. The couple are genius, and they are capable of getting away of anything they do. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no exception, being it Washington, Brussels, Moscow and Beijing.