BELGRADE – Kosovo police special forces (ROSU) crossed into northern Kosovo on Saturday with the blessing of Washington, so the information that Serbian intelligence services had have proven to be correct.

This invasion brought the unrest among the Serbs, and additional anxieties caused the announcement of the President of the Assembly of Kosovo Kadri Veseli that the wall in northern Mitrovica will “fall” on 1st or 17th February (the day in 2008 when the unilateral declaration of independence was proclaimed).

Serbs see the announced removal of the wall near the bridge on Ibar, as well as the dates that Veseli chose for the action, as a dangerous provocation.

“The 17th February has extra weight and all this was said with the intention to create a revolt among the Serbian population. The Brussels agreement says that the works on the pedestrian zone will conduct the municipality of northern Kosovska Mitrovica. I warn Pristina officials that the statements about removal of the wall are causing disturbance among the Serbs and I urge them not to try to do that,” said Goran Rakic, head of northern Mitrovica.

Serbian officials have already pointed out that Pristina is on the verge to cross the red line that could lead to a new war in the Balkans.

“We do not care for war, but will not hesitate to send in the armed forces if need be, to protect Serbs from potential slaughter… We do not want a conflict, but there are situations when one can’t cave in… We shall henceforth behave in accordance with Serbian Law, which is clear. We have a duty to defend every inch of the territory and every citizen. We all agree on this, and no one should test us,” the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said.

“We acted well yesterday, and there is no cause for Albanian jubilation here. Each new attempt will end badly – let them think about that… them and their sponsors,” Nikolic added, referring to the US and the EU.

Spokeswoman of the US embassy in Pristina practically confirmed that the Saturday action of Kosovo forces that stopped the train from Belgrade and almost caused war had the support of the US:

“We respect the right of Kosovo to take care of its border, with which we support action of Kosovo institutions and sending of special forces to the crossing Jarinje to stop the train that went from Belgrade to Kosovo. The US has recognized Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state and we respect their right to decide who and what passed through its borders”.

Head of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun warns that there are plans in Pristina of “rapid invasion” of northern Kosovska Mitrovica:

“Kosovo Special and Security Forces were brought to north, which testifies that Pristina has prepared plans for rapid invasion. Pristina caught north in a sort of horseshoe, with fast response units supported by helicopters.”

The UN resolution 1244 mentions “participation of NATO” as the only security presence in Kosovo. Regarding ROSU, at the conclusion of the First Brussels agreement in 2013, when it was agreed to integrate members of Serbian police into Kosovo system, orally was specified that these units cannot go the northern Kosovo without the approval of NATO and local governments.

Tensions in the Balkans are rising drastically, Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said Tuesday, expressing the hope everyone understood a new armed conflict must not be allowed to break out, RIA Novosti reported.

“Ethnic Albanian forces should not be present in Serbian-populated areas in the north of Kosovo,” Reuters quoted him as saying.