BELGRADE – Kosovo Albanians, who enjoy external support, have decided to destroy all the earlier reached agreements between Belgrade and Pristina, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told the Pink TV channel on Sunday.

“Kosovo with someone’s support has decided to ruin all the current agreements between Belgrade and Pristina. Despite this, we strictly abide by our commitments, and Albanians’ armored cars with special ops units have arrived in the Serbian part of Kosovska Mitrovica where they cannot enter under the agreement,” the premier said, stressing that “no one can threaten the security of Serbs.”

When asked how the Serbian authorities would act in case of escalation, Vucic declined to answer in order not to whip up tension.

Earlier, Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolic said that the incident with the Kosovo-bound train, which was returned to Belgrade amid threats of attacks by Kosovo Albanians, was a “convulsion of the outgoing US administration” and an attempt to deteriorate the situation in the region.

On Saturday, Kosovo Albanians tried to stage provocations when the Serbian train service from Belgrade to the northern Kosovo town of Kosovska Mitrovica was relaunched eighteen years after its last run.

They planned to attack the train seeking to provoke large-scale clashes. Special units of Albanians entered the territory of the Serbian enclave, violating all the agreements reached with the mediation of the European Union.

The train was returned to Belgrade in order not to put the passengers at risk.

The Serbian premier pledged to inform Moscow, Beijing and Washington about the provocation of Albanians, voicing disappointment over the reaction of Brussels.