BELGRADE – The remarks of Hashim Thaci after Tuesday’s round of dialogue show Pristina is “not able or willing to keep its word for more than two minutes.”

This is what “an angry-sounding” Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told Politico in a telephone interview on Wednesday, the website has reported.

“They don’t do anything in accordance with the things that we agreed upon,” he said.

After the EU-sponsored talks in Brussels both Vucic, and Thaci, who serves as Kosovo’s president, said the meeting helped to “reduce tension.”

But Thaci “also declared that he thought Serbian leaders had ‘started to recognize the independence of Kosovo’ and that Kosovo had answered ‘calls for war from Serbia with calls for peace.’ Those remarks infuriated Vucic as both sides had agreed not to make inflammatory statements,” Politico said.

Eu foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini “indirectly criticized Thaci,” the website said, when she told reporters, “I saw yesterday (Tuesday) respect and a constructive approach around the table. The more they comment on each other, the less this constructive sense of engaging in the dialogue becomes sustainable.”

Pristina’s continued hostile rhetoric right after the meeting “underlined how fragile relations remain between the two sides,” according to Politico, that said “tension spiked earlier this month after Serbia sent a train into Kosovo emblazoned with the slogan ‘Kosovo is Serbia’,” which returned to Belgrade after Kosovo deployed special police “to the border,” i.e., to northern Kosovo.