Ivica Dacic says the Haradinaj case has been “politicized” and that the ethnic Albanian politician and former KLA leader will “probably not be extradited.”

Haradinaj was detained in France in early January on a Serbian war crimes warrant, and was later released but forced to stay in that country until a decision on Serbia’s extradition request has been made.

This is expected to happen on March 2.

According to Beta, Dacic told reporters on Monday that “if international law were to be implemented, Haradinaj would be extradited to Serbia – or he would stand trial in France for the crimes he committed against the Serb people during the 1990s.”

“But that will probably not happen because the case has been politicized to such a degree that nobody can any on international rules to be respected any longer,” the Serbian foreign minister said.

“You see that another witness to Haradinaj’s crimes has been killed in Kosovo, I don’t know how many more are left, but I know they’ll keep going until they kill them all,” Dacic said.
The minister reiterated that Haradinaj will “always remain a war criminal as far as the Serbian authorities are concerned, regardless of whether he is extradited” – and that he will “always be prosecuted” for the crimes that he has committed.