Denmark: Serbia does not exist, capital city of Kosovo is Belgrade according to map


Map used by a driving school in Denmark shows no Serbia, but only Kosovo, Telegraf reports.

Judging by a tweet on the social network Twitter and photos from the Center for training of drivers in Denmark, there is only Kosovo on the globe, no Serbia.

Denmark has recognized the Kosovo independence in 2008.


  1. Serbia is gone to russia where is their origine. Now kosovo is back and the future name will change will be Illyria

    • Really? Russians originated from Illyro-Serben. Your theory exist only in Vatican’s and Nazi Austro-Hungary and Germany’s forgeries. Albania will gone to Caucasus where is their origins. Albanian nation was created bu Austro -Hungary in the end of XIX and a beginning of XX century. They were different nomads who spoke different languages, who came with the Turks invaders in Europe. This artificial nation has no national history and any historical monument. Almost all historical monuments on the territory of today’s Albania belong to Serbs, some to Greeks.
      %C3%96sterreich-Ungarns-Bildung-albanischen-1896-1908/dp/3708607562 Ignorant jerk. You will not humiliate anymore Serbs and Serbian Holy Land Kosovo = Serbian Palmira, Serbian Jerusalem.

  2. This new Islamic country must be peopled by what the lying Germans call mentally disturbed ex-Yugoslavian passport holders who carry axes: [link]