Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has called on Spain to recognize Kosovo “as soon as possible.”

In interview for the EFE agency, he said that Spain was “not Milosevic’s Serbia, while Kosovo is not Catalonia or the Basque country.”

According to him, recognizing Kosovo “should not create any additional nationalist tensions in Spain, because parallels between the two cases can’t be drawn.”

He also accused Serbia of “committing genocide” in Kosovo.

“I want to believe that Spain wishes to make life easier, not harder for us. We are friendly countries, we share the same values, and Spain has nothing against Kosovo,” Thaci said, while appealing to Madrid to recognize Kosovo.

Spain’s ambassador in Belgrade recently addressed this topic to say that his country does not plan to recognize the unilateral declaration of independence made by ethnic Albanians in the province nine years ago, and rejected by Serbia as an act violating its territorial integrity.