Graffiti reading “Kill the Serb,” and “UCK,” along with a swastika and other offensive content have been painted on a fast food kiosk in Gnjilane.

“UCK” is the Albanian language acronym for “Kosovo Liberation Army” (KLA).

According to the Silovo-based RTV Plus broadcaster, “these are the first anti-Serb graffiti to appear in the town in the past several years.”

The kiosk in question in located in the central part of Gnjilane, near a Serbian Orthodox Church, where Serbs from the region have been, since 1999, selling their farming produce in an improvised green market.

Other graffiti with similar content have been spotted along a road leading from Gnjilane to the nearby village of Gornje Kusce, in the part of the settlement inhabited by ethnic Albanians.