BELGRADE – Members of the Kosovo Parliament adopted with 68 votes “for” and none “against” the draft resolution on the transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces into Kosovo Armed Forces.

The resolution states that Kosovo government is authorized to, as soon as possible, coordinates and delivers the Parliament a strategy for the transformation of Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) into the Kosovo army.

Other parts of the resolution express the commitment to the membership in NATO, that the government, parliament and other institutions
coordinate their obligations, that they together with the US and NATO work on the development of the capacity and new mandate of the armed

Draft resolution was adopted after a discussion at the afternoon session of the Parliament, initiated by Daut Haradinaj, with the support of opposition MPs.

He stated that, if the Constitution cannot be changed, other ways to form the army have to be found, suggesting as the simplest, changing
the existing law and making it enable the transformation of KSF into the army.

Constitutional changes can be implemented in the Kosovo Parliament, with the consent of two thirds of the members, then two thirds of Serbian members and two thirds of the members of minority communities.

Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa said during the discussion that Kosovo met all the requirements to form the armed forces, but that international partners of Kosovo demand that forming the army can be achieved only through constitutional changes.

Mustafa said that Serbian List did not give consent to the amend of the Constitution and transformation of the KSF.

“US estimates Kosovo Security Forces as high organized and disciplined and Kosovo is not alone in the assessment that it meets conditions to form armed forces. KSF are fully prepared to grow into the armed forces of Kosovo, but from previous contacts we realized that NATO and its partners are committed to transforming KSF into the army through constitutional changes, with the support of MPs in Kosovo, while preserving the achievements made so far,” said Mustafa.

During the discussion in the Parliament Minister of Kosovo Security Forces Haki Demoli said that members of the Serbian List refuse to
cooperate with Kosovo government on forming the Kosovo army, stating that he invited Serbian members to discussion on the subject 18 times,
but that they had never responded.

“In the period from April to June last year the cabinet sent 18 invites to the Serbian List for a meeting to discuss the establishment
of the army,” said Demoli during the parliamentary debate on forming the Kosovo army.

Demoli also said that Ministers of the Serbian List are not interested to discuss the formation of the Kosovo army with Kosovo institutions.