BELGRADE – US President Donald Trump should send Javelin FGM-148 handheld anti-tank missiles to Kiev to support Ukraine government forces, Senator John McCain told Sputnik.

When asked on Thursday what kind of weapons the United States should send to arm Ukrainian government forces, McCain named Javelin anti-tank missiles and counter-battery armor.

“Javelin, among other things, and counter-battery armor,” McCain told Sputnik.

In a letter released earlier in the day, McCain called on the Trump Administration to provide defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine in light of alleged intervention by Russia, but did not specify what types of weapons.

The Javelin antitank missile is the world’s first mass-produced infrared-homing “fire and forget” missile system capable of destroying tanks by hitting them head-on or by swooping down on them from above.

Russian officials have repeatedly warned that Washington providing Ukraine with weapons will only escalate violence and lead to more bloodshed.

The situation in southeastern Ukraine, namely in the industrial towns of Avdiivka and Yasynuvata, became aggravated this weekend when both towns were bombarded with shells, which resulted in heavy losses on both sides. The Ukrainian forces and Donbas militia are trading accusations for the escalation of fighting.