Nikolic: Serbia Forced to recognize Kosovo’s independence for EU Membership


In order to become an EU member state Serbia apparently would have to recognize Kosovo’s independence and impose sanctions against Russia.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has publicly announced that these demands will soon be publicly declared by EU authorities as the official conditions for Serbia’s membership in the Union, according to Radio Television of Serbia.

As President Nikolic explained, these two conditions were relayed to him by Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement, during one of the latter’s visits to Belgrade, and were in fact mentioned during a joint press conference back then.

“I said in his presence that Mr Hahn told me that we won’t be able to move further until we sign a neighborly agreement with Kosovo and Metohija which, I believe, would equal the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. He also said that we won’t be able to become an EU member without conducting a joint foreign policy… Soon after that the sanctions against Russia were imposed; sanctions that we do not support but would be forced to if we were an EU member. I’m the first person to speak about these two conditions. Many in Serbia challenged my statements and claimed they’ve never heard about it, but these are the conditions that you will hear about tomorrow,” the president declared.

According to Nikolic, while these demands have not yet been officially stated, “they’re being heralded by the parliaments of the countries that would ratify our accession, including the German parliament which will play a decisive role in that process.”

Belgrade has previously stated on numerous occasions that Serbia won’t support the anti-Russian sanctions campaign instigated by certain Western countries.

Kosovo unilaterally proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008 and is recognized by over 100 UN member states. Serbia, as well as Russia do not recognize Kosovo’s independence. In March 2011, Pristina and Belgrade launched EU-facilitated reconciliation talks in order to ease bilateral tensions. Since then the sides have signed a number of deals, including ones in the spheres of telecommunications and energy.


  1. Kosovo aside, if anyone reads the EU website, then they’d clearly know that once you align with the EU so does your foreign policy. This was not a mystery to Serbia and its citizens and Serbia’s politicians have touched on the subject numerous times. And typically the response is the same as Nikolic’s that they will not do so. Well you can’t have your cake and eat it too if you want to join.
    Keep lying to the people and one day they will stand up and revolt and get rid of lying, cheating, corrupt politicians as the people in the Balkans have suffered enough.

    • The KLA were NOT a Liberating Force. They were, and still are, terrorists! Kosovo is, and has been, part of Serbian territory for hundreds of years. Until the USA and the plundering Germans decided to give the territory to the terrorists, who were initially Albanians, who fought with the Germans in WWII, and brutally murdered thousands upon thousands of innocent women and children in concentration camps.

    • I am an American and I don’t follow your news, but I’ve heard before that the EU is demanding many things politically. The Brexit Vote brought things into the open. As kiko said, Stand up and revolt and get rid of lying…. you have suffered enough….. don’t bow to the EU, friends.

  2. So then Serbia should just stop with the EU negotiations already and remove all the anti-Serb/harmful things Serbia has already implemented to please it. It is an anti-Serbia tyrant.

  3. Like the buggy-whip manufacturer’s union, the EUSSR will soon be atop the dist-bin of history.
    The Brexit began its demise and the rise of Donald Trump and global sanity finished it.
    Serbia should get off this sinking ship before the EUrats realize what’s happening!

  4. EU 5 “less likely than ever” to recognize Kosovo
    The five EU countries that have not recognized Kosovo are increasingly less likely to consider doing so, according to a Priština-based Albanian language daily.

    So Why Serbia Must Do It!! When the Eu Members dont do it!

    In a commentary published on Monday, Koha Ditore notices that the opposition to Kosovo’s independence is strengthening among the five – Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain.