Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic says the talks with Pristina are being conducted under “almost impossible conditions.”

According to him, Belgrade is fulfilling everything asked of it in these talks, while the other side is allowed not to implement agreements.

“We expect and hope for fair and equal terms in further talks with (Kosovo) Albanians,” Nikolic said during his meeting in Belgrade on Friday with Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

Nikolic, as specified in a statement from his office, expressed his gratitude to Austria for supporting Serbia’s EU BID.

“We are grateful for the support of Austria in the European integration and we expect that our efforts on this journey will be awarded within a reasonable time. We are fulfilling all the conditions and we have been able to implement difficult reforms,” ​​said Nikolic.

Speaking about the migrant crisis, he said that Serbia is doing all it can to provide migrants with decent living conditions. However, he cited as a problem the fact that migrants do not want to be registered and accommodated in reception centers, because they fear of being sent back to Serbia later – “which is not their ultimate goal.”

The president said that relations between Serbia and Austria are excellent, while Serbian citizens who live and work in Austria “represent a bridge of firm and true friendship.”

Nikolic, however, did not talk about his possible candidacy in the presidential election, reported about after the ruling SNS named Aleksandar Vucic as its candidate.