The US stance on Kosovo and the Balkans remain the same, says Matthew Palmer, director for South and Central European Affairs at the US Department of State.

Palmer – who was in Belgrade last week – said this in Pristina on Monday after his meeting with Kadri Veseli, president of the Kosovo Assembly, Veseli’s cabinet announced in a statement.

According to this, the US official said his country would “continue to support the process of normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia” and added that dialogue was “the best way to move forward.”

Veseli and Palmer “discussed the latest developments in Kosovo” and relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

“The head of the Assembly provided Palmer with guarantees that Kosovo will fulfill its international obligations, part of which is the ratification of the agreement on border demarcation between Kosovo and Montenegro,” the statement said.

Veseli “also said that normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is very important for the future of the two countries and stability in the Balkans.”

According to the same source, Veseli and Palmer “discussed the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the Kosovo Armed Forces” – with Veseli saying said that this process would be done in full coordination with the US.