Seselj: Albanians plan to attack N Kosovo; Serbian Gendarmerie moves to the south

BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic spoke to reporters after the meeting with leaders of Serbs from Kosovo and announced that now it is most important to preserve peace and stability.

“I want to say that we had difficult talks in which we accepted everything. I’ll soon be ready to tell everything to the citizens of Serbia.”

“Four times in an hour they changed propositions that we need to agree with. In August we accepted agreements including the one about the bridge in Mitrovica.”

Vucic added that the Prime Minister of Kosovo Isa Mustafa plans, with the Kosovo Interior Minister, incursion of ROSU (special forces) in northern Kosovo in two days.

“My message to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija: Stay calm at all costs, be dignified, proudly hold your Serbian name, we will fight for you”, said Vucic.

According to UN Resolution 1244, which the United States and some EU countries violated with recognition of self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo”, it is envisaged that some of Serbian forces can return to Kosovo for specific tasks.

“But it is envisaged for return to whole Kosovo and Metohija, and not only to the north,” said for portal Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun.

“Albanians want to destabilize the situation in Kosovo and Metohija when it comes to Serbian people, to pressure both in terms of politics and security. They simply have a plan to take control of the north of Kosovo and install their institutions there. I believe that, by causing disorder, they want to create an excuse for a long-term deployment of special forces and ROSU units in northern Kosovo and of course exploit unrest to justify why they are not realizing the Community of Serbian Municipalities, why there is no continuation of the [Brussels] dialogue”, explained Drecun.

President of the Serbian Radical Party, professor doctor Vojislav Seselj, has informed the public at today’s press conference that there is danger of armed Albanians, in the coming days, attacking four municipalities in northern Kosovo inhabited predominately by Serbian population.

Seselj said he received this information from Kosovo and Metohija and explained that Albanians plan to carry out an attack either at the time of the arrival of [Secretary General of NATO Jens] Stoltenberg, or immediately after his departure.

According to portal strong forces of Gendarmerie have moved to the south of Serbia.


  1. Absolutely no one is scared of the albanians. In Kosovo, 5 KLA terrorists died for every Serb hero on the ground.. even with NATO hitting us day and night the albanians had twice as much total killed than the Serbs. We will be ready as we have every single time in history.

    • Kosovo separation from Serbia is Clinton and Blair’s crime. The two whores need to be brought to account and Clinton’s statue in Kosovo pissed on.

      “No citizen of any country in the world would consider themselves fairly tried before a court that was paid for, staffed and assisted by private citizens or corporations which had a direct stake in the outcome of the trial and who were, themselves, in practical terms, immune from that court. It is a well established principle of law that a party in a legal action, whether civil or criminal, is entitled to ask for the removal of any judge sitting on the case when there exists a reasonable apprehension of bias. In this instance, a compelling argument can be made that the bias is not only apprehended, it is real, that it is not of one judge but of the entire tribunal, that this is not a judicial body worthy of international respect but a kangaroo court, a bogus court, with a political purpose serving very powerful and identifiable masters. To be consistent with my thesis I will go further and say that as a political instrument designed to violate, to destroy the integrity and sovereignty of a country, its creation is a crime against peace under the Nuremberg Principles. Instead of resolving conflict as it claims, it is used to justify conflict, instead of creating peace, it is used to justify war and therefore is an instrument of war.”

      The prosecution has been preparing their case for years, their witnesses are well rehearsed, hearsay evidence is accepted, as is secret testimony, and cross-examination time is restricted. Yet, as if that wasn’t enough, witness statements are withheld from the accused until a few hours beforehand, giving little time for the defense to prepare the cross-examination.

      Add to this the physical and psychological conditions that Seselj and other Serbian prisoners are subject to. They are treated as if they have already been convicted, being kept in cells and under constant surveillance, having their mail censored, family visits restricted, any communication with their families to be at their own expense, and restrictions on what they can see or hear on radio or television.

      And, especially in the case of Mr Milosevi and Seselj , a refusal to allow them to meet with the legal advisors of their choice. Several prisoners have already died while in custody and to the shame of organizations such as Amnesty International, no investigation into these deaths has been forthcoming.