Stoltenberg: Kosovo police not need permission to go to north

Photo: EPA

BELGRADE – The head of NATO has urged Serbia and Kosovo to ease tensions and revive their efforts to normalize relations after talks aimed at mending ties collapsed amid mutual recriminations this week.

“Not more rhetoric, but we need dialogue. We need to reduce tensions to avoid incidents…and move forward normalizing the process between Pristina and Belgrade,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters after meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa in Pristina on Friday.

He said that Kosovo police not need permission by NATO or KFOR to go to northern Kosovo.

“Kosovo police can operate on the entire territory of Kosovo and the decision about it is made by Kosovo institutions or Pristina. Now we have a stable situation and agreements made in Brussels should be respected so the region can stay calm”, said Stoltenberg.

Responding to a question, what is the task of KFOR in case someone tries to enter Kosovo with an army, he said: “NATO is here to protect the peace”.

“No army can enter Kosovo without the approval of NATO. This is why the people in Kosovo should feel safe”, said the Secretary General.

NATO officials in Brussels earlier told Beta agency that “Brussels agreement from 2013, which Serbia cites, does not include the police forces of Kosovo and that Kosovo authorities do not have to ask for KFOR’s permission to send their police forces throughout Kosovo”. They said it regarding claims that written act, as part of the Brussels agreement, stipulates that Kosovo authorities have to seek permission from KFOR to send police, security forces to the north of Kosovo.

Speaking to reporters in Davos Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that in the dialogue Belgrade – Pristina there are only two written agreements, while “everything else was achieved as a verbal agreement”.


  1. Excellent, democracy requires and it is essential that a sovereign country in this case The Republic Of Kosova has the right to deploy police and special anti-terrorist police units to any part of its territory when its sovereignty is threatened, in this case by a radical-Serbian element that is operating in the northern part of The Republic of Kosova, which in this case borders who else but Serbia!!!

  2. Right now, the largest military contingent in NATO is muslim (Turkish)! Hopefully, Trump will disband NATO so Serbia can free Kosovo from the remnants of the Turkish jihadi invasions in Albania which Adolf Hitler himself brought there 70 years ago, and which vile plan of genocide the equally evil Bill Clinton tried to finish for him!

  3. “No army can enter Kosovo without NATOs permission. This is why the people of Kosovo should feel safe”. Tell that to the 2000 civilians who were killed and 250000 driven from their homes under NATOs watch.

    • You and your Propaganda still strong 20 years later! KLA killed more Albanians than Serbs pushed out! The facts are there so keep repeating lies no one believes you any more Zach!