Serbian defense system, upon completion of negotiations on the purchase of weapons from Russia and Belarus, will consist of three rings of protection, Telegraf writes.

Widest system will consist of S-300, which will be protected by medium-range missiles “Tunguska” (NATO reporting name SA-19 “Grison”). Last line of defense will consist of Anti Air system “Tor” ( NATO reporting name SA-15 “Gauntlet”), which will be defined during the acquisition on the forthcoming visit of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to Belgrade.

“Every missile system must be protected by other systems, to be able to act freely. Isolated, it is exposed to enemy fire without any major chances. It is therefore important for the sides of S-300, whose range can go up to 150 kilometers, to be defended by AA systems of medium and short range. ‘Tunguska’ and ‘Tor’, whose procurement is being negotiated, are ideal for this purpose and with the S-300 they make a unique unit, explains a source from the military leadership,” reports Novosti.

The composition of the package of weapons that will arrive from Belarus will be known in April, when the delegation of Army representatives and defense industry of Belarus headed by President Lukashenko will visit Serbia.

Establishment of a mixed body of military co-operation in the two countries will preceded the final handshake on the procurement of aircraft and missiles.