Trump congratulates Thaci “Kosovo independence anniversary”

SOURCETanjug, B92

US President Donald Trump has sent a message Hashim Thaci congratulating him on the anniversary of Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).

Below is a press statement signed by Rex Tillerson, U.S Secretary of State:

“On behalf of the United States, I am pleased to congratulate the people of Kosovo on your independence day on February 17.

The partnership between our countries is based on shared values and common interests. A sovereign, multiethnic, democratic Kosovo’s future lies in a stable and prosperous Balkan region that is fully integrated into the international community.

The United States celebrated with all Kosovo citizens the historic gold medal win during the Olympic Games in Brazil, as well as your soccer team’s inaugural season in the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA).

We look forward to continuing our broad and deep cooperation, focused on supporting increased democratic and economic development, strengthening rule of law in Kosovo, resolving disputes with neighbors, and countering violent extremism and foreign terrorist fighters.”

Trump’s message “should not be the cause of any wonder,” Tanjug said on Thursday – “considering that the White House recently announced it would not change its stance on Kosovo.”

Ethnic Albanians in Serbia’s southern province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence nine years ago, on February 17, 2008.

Serbia continues to reject the proclamation as an illegal violation of its Constitution, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.


  1. We’ll see about that. It’s long over due for Albanian war criminals in Kosovo to be locked up. Kosovo is Serbia
    Get ready…/

  2. Dissapointed in Trump today he shook hands with the devil giving serbian province Kosovos land to albanian ISIS the invaders of serbia… its not ok… I hope somone advises him who he just shook hands with and he doesnt even fuc*ing now thats how america got in this mess with isis….always siding with the wrong fuc*ing side… Americas total ignorance lack of knowlegde about history…. indenial sounds more like it and whats killing this nation it needs to stop

    • mimi – You’re dead right. Trump is an inveterate liar, misogynist, racist, bully with absolutely no morals whatsoever. He is a sexual pervert, who has attacked women and got away with it (“FOR THE MOMENT!”). ~The women he has attacked have a lawyer who is, at this very moment, producing evidence of his attacks, and they will go into court to have their voices heard. These are sexual attacks that have taken place, and the women were told by Trump that they would be sued in court, by him, for their lies! This will not happen, because they told the truth about this scumbag President. Secondly, his supporters are going to have to wait a long time before he puts a Special Investigator onto Hillary Clinton, as he said he would do in his Election Campaign, because he just doesn’t dare to! He is a liar, as I have said, and he will continue to tell lies, and his mentally sick supporters will suddenly wake up to the fact and will probably impeach the stupid bastard!