BRUSSELS – The EU believes that progress in the normalisation of Belgrade-Pristina relations is needed now more than ever for peace and stability, and urges both sides to comply with agreements, calm the rhetoric and continue efforts towards easing tensions, says European Commission spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic.

The presidents and PMs of Serbia and Kosovo agreed at Tuesday’s high-level meeting to refrain from incendiary rhetoric and statements to ease tensions and focus on further work, noted Kocijancic in a written statement released in Brussels late Thursday.

Commenting on the statement of Maja Kocancic, Federica Mogherini’s spokeswoman, that Belgrade and Pristina should calm the rhetoric and not send inflammatory messages, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic called on the EU “to stick to their agreements for at least 15 minutes” because they earlier said that they will warn the one who first breaks the agreement.

“I did not set fire, on the contrary, I tried to calm what others inflamed”, said Vucic and added that the EU does not have the courage to say who broke the agreement and that they should view their role and whether they are losing their reputation with this.

Vucic said that Belgrade wants the dialogue and it respects the role of Federica Mogherini, but reminded that the EU announced that it will warn the one who first breaks the agreement.

“Now I ask you if Deutsche Welle published the first information in Serbian or Albanian? Did Thaci or Mustafa came first with the statement… Why didn’t they react?”, asked Vucic.

The Prime Minister called on the EU to say what he lied in the interpretation of what had happened in Brussels, stating that it was all true, and that he did not even say everything that had happened.

Asked whether this means that negotiations will be terminated, Vucic said that one always must discuss.