“New turbulent times are ahead of Serbia, many can’t wait to undermine and destabilize it,” says Aleksadar Vucic.

However, added the prime minister and the presidential candidate of the ruling SNS – “our message is that we will protect Serbia.”

Vucic made the comments as he spoke with citizens welcoming him in the town of Vrbas, where he traveled for the start of reconstruction works on a local elementary school named after Petar Petrovic Njegos.

“Nobody must dare to even think they will destabilize or undermine our country,” he continued, and added:

“Some new turbulent times area head of us, Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) are seeking a revision of the ICJ ruling on genocide, (Kosovo President) Hashim Thaci is seeking UNESCO and Council of Europe entries, while many in Serbia can’t wait for any sort of instability, in order for Serbia to become weaker. My message is that will be protecting Serbia, and will manage to protect it.”

Vucic said he was in Vrbas for the school reconstruction works, and that the local school was “as important as any in Belgrade, and should have the same, if not better, teaching conditions.”

“The whole of Serbia must be cared for, and each of its individuals, and especially the future of the children,” said Vucic.