BELGRADE – Alojzije Stepinac, the man who supported the Ustasha regime, can be neither a saint nor hero, said Efraim Zuroff, director of the Center “Simon Wiesenthal”, following the unveiling of the memorial to the bishop of the Catholic Church in Osijek.

“First of all, Stepinac can not be a saint. A person who has supported the Ustasha, welcomed the Ustasha regime, who was a priest of Ante Pavelic, leader of the Ustasha regime and mass murderer, does not deserve honor. It is obvious that his case is more complicated because of some good things he did after the war. However, anyone who supported the Ustasha can not be a hero and does not deserve a memorial”, said Efraim Zuroff for Sputnik.

It is sad that the mayor of Osijek participated in the unveiling of the memorial to Stepinac, Zuroff said.

Zuroff also reminded that the Center “Simon Wiesenthal” condemned the erection of the memorial plaque with Ustasha chant “For home ready” on the monument to Croatian soldiers killed in the wars of the nineties, near Jasenovac.