Leader of Macedonia’s opposition SDSM party Zoran Zaev on Friday in Skopje presented “the program of the new government” which, he said, will soon be formed.

Zaev said that he would submit a new draft law on languages, and that it must be “strictly in accordance with the Constitution.”

“The new government will pursue a policy where Macedonia will be built as a civic state in which all will be equal. We will support the language policy in accordance with the needs of citizens, each group will be allowed to use their own language in institutions,” he said.

According to Zaev, “the program of the new government” is based on the principles of the election program of SDSM and the principles of those parliamentary parties which will make up the ruling coalition.

Albanian language media are reporting today that Zaev has “betrayed Albanians” and that the program he presented “makes no mention of Albanian becoming the second official language in Macedonia.”

Asked whether during the negotiations to form a parliamentary majority with the parties representing ethnic Albanians he “accepted one of the demands from their declaration – for Macedonia’s new assembly to adopt a resolution condemning alleged genocide committed against Albanians in Macedonia between 1912 and 1956” – Zaev said that this was “not a topic of the program of the government” which he intends to form with these parties.

“This is a topic that should be debated by experts, while my personal opinion is that many have suffered in this region, especially in the last ten years during the rule of the regime of (former Macedonian PM) Nikola Gruevski,” said he.

Zaev said that the government he intends to form will be dedicated to reforms to meet Macedonia’s “strategic interests” – EU and NATO membership.

The SDSM leader also urged President Gjorge Ivanov to note that there is a parliamentary majority, adding that he will “wait to be given the mandate to form a government” because he “does not wish to be introducing new practices in Macedonia.”

Zaev and two Albanian parties, DUI and BESA, secured a parliamentary majority of 67 deputies out of 120, but Ivanov refuses to give him the mandate to form a new government because of the so-called Tirana Platform, which, among other things, provides for the Albanian language to be equal with Macedonian.



  1. The country has already destroyed itself. When they allowed Gruevski to erect cheap Italian statues of Hellenic figures the place was doomed. we said nothing. He spent 680 million euros of our money falsifying a history. Anything that happens to Macedonia now is the fault of the Antiquated population who have been brainwashed and Gruevski. I wonder what Gruev and Delchev would have made of this mess. The diaspora criminals in Australia, USA and Canada are also to blame through their lack of education and ultra nationalism. They left here with a suitcase of old clothes and now fancy themselves as history professors. Let the Albanians have it. your greed for hellenic history and digging for something older that wasn’t there has cost you your country. Admire Gruevski’s statues and read your false encyclopedias because that’s all that is left.
    “Goce Delchev and Dame Gruev used to pass Death Sentences to those who claimed the blood of Alexander runs in us“. You made Greater Albania possible by your actions. Don’t blame Albania. Don’t blame the Greeks. Don’t blame Zaev. Don’t blame Georgievski. Blame yourselves. You fly a flag with a Hellenic symbol (the star of Vergina). Shame on you. Our flag is a gold lion on a red background not some Hellenistic symbol. You are all embarrassing.

  2. Another cheap greek propaganda, Ataturk was also born in Greece, not far from where Goce Delchev was, is he a good greek too.


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