The cabinet of RS President Milorad Dodik has rejected the claims made by Dragan Mektic that it was “knowingly working to topple Serbian PM Aleksandar Vucic.”

“We refute in the strongest terms and reject the untruths presented by Minister of Security of Bosnia-Herzegovina Dragan Mektic at the expense of the cabinet of President Milorad Dodik,” a statement said, noting that Mektic made these assertions for the N1 broadcaster.

The statement also accuses Mektic of using “untruths and imputations” for some time now in order to misinform the public as he “unsuccessfully tries to destabilize good relations between Dodik and Vucic.”

The statement also noted that Mektic is yet to say who “attempted to lynch” Vucic in Srebrenica two years ago, and where the investigation on that incident stands.

“That is his task, above all – not to engage in tendentious imputations that have nothing to do with reality,” said the cabinet of the president of the Serb entity (RS) in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Earlier, Mektic said there was “material evidence” about the alleged activities coming from Dodik’s cabinet, aimed against Vucic.

“I have evidence for that. I’ve been saying it three or four times, I even said it on purpose in prime time to prompt someone to react. We have forwarded material evidence in a certain way to institutions of government in Serbia,” he told N1.