The Deputy Minister of the so-called Republic of Kosovo Redzepi Hoti announced that Kosovo army will be formed next week and that the process will be in accordance with the constitution and in cooperation with international partners of Pristina.

“Now is the time for the army and the concern of our international partners – US and NATO – is understandable because this is a very sensitive issue,” said Hoti participating in a debut on television RTV21, reported Pristina media today.

In strategic terms, Kosovo, according to him, is more like “Israel surrounded by Arab countries”.

“Along the Kosovo border is an army that is very dangerous and not only for Kosovo,” said Hoti.

He recalled that the President of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Hashim Thaci at the meetings with representatives of EULEX and the Quint explained in detail that this process will be coordinated with international partners and in accordance with the laws.

“The formation of the army is unstoppable process, Kosovo is ‘Made in USA’,” said Hoti and repeated Thachi’s words that the project of the formation of Kosovo army will never be in conflict with the US or NATO.

Otherwise, US, EU and NATO oppose the transformation of Kosovo Security Force, telling Thachi that now is not the moment for it, and that everything in this regard must be in accordance with the Kosovo Constitution.