Kosovo Foreign Minister Enver Hoxhaj said on Tuesday that Aleksandar Vucic would be allowed to visit Kosovo on Wednesday.

According to Beta, Hoxhaj also said the visit would “last three hours.”

At the press conference with the minister of foreign affairs of Luxembourg, he said that “after a lot of conditioning,” a decision was made to allow Vucic, Serbia’s prime minister and presidential candidate, to visit Kosovo.

Hoxhaj said this was “a difficult decision for the government because of Serbia’s latest provocations – but it was nevertheless made in the spirit of goodwill toward Kosovo’s international friends – Germany and the European Union.”

Pristina-based media reported on Monday that the Kosovo government decided to “condition” Vucic’s visit by demanding that he excludes interior and defense ministers from his delegation – who were “previously banned from entering Kosovo.”

Hoxhaj did not say whether such a condition was put before Vucic.

On Monday, Vucic – asked “whether the Kosovo authorities conditioned his March 29 trip to Kosovo and the visit to Leposavic” – said that he was “not informed about it.”

“Whether or not there’s going to be a ban is their business,” Vucic told TV Pink, and added that he “intended to go to Kosovo alone, but was now not sure if he would go at all.”