The Hungarian parliament has adopted a draft, prepared by the government, to increase measures at the country’s borders.

According to the Hungarian language daily Magyar Szo, published in Serbia, refugees (from third countries) will now be able to file their asylum requests only in the transit zone, where they will have to wait for a decision, “or return to Serbia.”

Authorities can also end the procedure if an asylum seeker withdraws their application, withdraws their statement, or prevents the authorities from photographing and fingerprinting them – or if they leave the transit zone.

Asylum seekers have no right of appeal in this case.

The report, cited by Beta, said that Hungary has already started expanding the transit zone near Roszke because of the new rules.

Meanwhile, State Secretary with the Serbian Ministry of Labor, Veteran and Social Affairs Nenad Ivanisevic told RTS that if Hungary closes its borders “migrants won’t wait in Serbia.”

“None of them want to stay here, they’ll find another way. There’s certainly the possibility that the route could change toward Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro,” he said.

Aleksandar Vulin, who heads the ministry, said he would travel to Subotica, a town in northern Serbia close to the border with Hungary, in order to “consider the situation and make decisions aimed at protecting Serbia,” the state broadcaster said.