“It is completely obvious that Aleksadar Vucic paid for his election campaign meeting with a smiling Angela Merkel with the state property.”

Presidential candidate Sasa Jankovic said this on Wednesday of his rival in the April 2 elections, who was visiting Germany the day before in his capacity as head of the Serbian government.

The property Jankovic referred to concerns the decision of the government in Pristina to usurp real estate owned by the state of Serbia in the province.

According to Jankovic, who spoke for Beta, Vucic’s role in all this represents “another recognition of Kosovo.”

He described Vucic as “the weakest link in the weakened chain of the Republic of Serbia.”

“Kosovo has used the political mechanism for succession of former Yugoslav republics, who did it in a similar way. However, Kosovo is not a former republic. Secret agreements and negotiations must not be held when it comes to diplomacy and the state, nor will secret agreements stay that way forever,” he said.

In the wake of the decision announced by the Kosovo government, Jankovic wrote on Twitter that “Kosovo authorities have appropriated Serbian state property.”

“The price – a deferential smile in Angela Merkel’s company. We may send a train, to boot,” wrote Jankovic.