Kosovo Parliament adopted today a resolution demanding the unconditional release of Ramush Haradinaj and interruption of the dialogue with Belgrade until the request is fulfilled.

The resolution, adopted by majority of votes, demands the release of former KLA(UCK) leader to be primary obligation, and that the government asks EU to force Serbia to cancel all warrants and indictments against Kosovo Albanians, reported Pristina media.

The resolution was proposed by the opposition led by Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, whose leader Haradinaj is sought by Serbia for war crimes, and was adopted after reconciliation with the ruling parties.

The resolution was presented by the head of the parliamentary group of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Palj Ljekaj. The resolution received 78 votes for and one against.

The opposition supported the resolution, but also criticized the government for, other than condemnations through press releases, as they said, not taking anything else in Haradinaj case. Self-Determination Movement believes that the government should condition the continuation of the Brussels dialogue with the release of Haradinaj.

French court in Colmar has postponed the decision in Haradinaj case to 6 April, because it sought more information from Serbia.

Haradinaj was arrested on January 4 at the airport in Basel by Interpol warrant of Serbia for war crimes. French court released him conditionally on 12 January and he will await the final decision in France.