The Kosovo Assembly on Thursday adopted a resolution demanding a suspension of Pristina’s negotiations with Belgrade.

According to the resolution, supported by 78 members of the assembly, and opposed by one, the negotiations should remain suspended “until Ramush Haradinaj has been set free.”

Beside urging a suspension of the dialogue, the document, that has also been sent to the European Union, calls for “the canceling of all Interpol warrants issued for political figures from Kosovo, on the request of the aggressor state of Serbia.”

Speaking later in the day, the Kosovo minister in charge of the dialogue, Edita Tahiri, said the government would “respect the resolution.”

Also late on Thursday, the EU, which mediates in the dialogue, reacted with a statement issued by the European Commission.

It said the resolution “does not contribute to a normalization of relations and is not in line with the commitments continuously made by Kosovo,” and added:

“Kosovo has always been firmly committed to the Dialogue and to a further normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, for the sake of its own people, and also because progress in the dialogue is a prerequisite for advancements on the EU path.”