KFOR commander Giovanni Fungo says the NATO troops in Kosovo “remain committed to preserving security and fulfilling their mission.”

Fungo made the remark during his visit to the Serb enclave of Gorazdevac, near the town of Pec.

He also said that KFOR recognizes the Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) “only within its current mandate.”

“KFOR will continue to perform its mission to guarantee safety, freedom of movement regardless of ethnicity or religion,” Fungo told Radio Gorazdevac, according to Beta.

He also said that KFOR would continue to provide security to the Serbian Orthodox monastery of Visoki (High) Decani, and that “nothing will change in this regard.”

The agency noted in its report that Kosovo President Hashim Thaci on March 7 introduced new legislation on the KSF to the Kosovo Assembly, designed to give the formation the mandate of an army, “but without changing its name.”

The move is strongly opposed by Belgrade, and has not been supported by the US, NATO, or the EU.

Minister for KSF Haki Demolli this week announced that his ministry would in the coming days inform the government of its stance on the draft proposed by Thaci.