Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa says one of the issues as the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina continues will be the missing persons.

He pointed out that “compensation for war damages” will also be discussed, and that Pristina will seek “the opening of the archives of the former JNA (Yugoslav People’s Army – sic).”

This has been reported by the public broadcaster in Kosovo, RTK.

Mustafa announced that another topic of the dialogue will be “the pension fund for the citizens of Kosovo and the return of their savings from Serbian banks.”

According to him, Pristina will ask from the EU that Serbia provides “accurate information about the movement of people who are still listed as missing,” and of “locations of mass graves in Serbia.”

“We will seek the opening of the archives of the former Yugoslav Army (VJ),” said Mustafa.



  1. Why isn’t Serbia seeking damages from Serbian properties usurped by the Kosovo Albanians and international community?
    It was Serbian businesses (private and public) and homes which have been stolen by the ethnic Albanians.
    Serbia should also sue on behalf of those who were tortured in the KLA camps throughout Kosmet in 1997-2001.


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