The Kopaonik Business Forum’s ambassadors’ panel has seen “a diplomatic skirmish” between top Russian and US diplomats posted in Serbia, Tanjug is reporting.

US Ambassador Kyle Scott first appraised that Russia and his country share the same interests on some issues, but diverge on others.

But that will not change some facts, nor lead to the US forgetting what is happening, he added, according to the agency, and noted:

“Russia has annexed another country’s territory and violated its international obligations. We have taken certain steps, as has the EU. I think that element of our policy will not change.”

Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepuring responded by saying he did not wish to quarrel with “his friend Scott” – but added that he was under the impression that “somebody was presenting themselves as Mother Theresa, as a saint – but it’s known this is not so.”

Chepurin mentioned the destruction of the city of Palmyra, the Middle East, Vietnam.

“Not to mention Ukraine, it’s known that five billion was invested so that a portion of Ukrainians stand against Russia. That was a flourishing country, now there’s chaos there. Who did this? Who destroyed the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia? Those were not such bad countries,” he said, and added:

“Let’s not interfere. Let them find their own solutions. Both in Ukraine and here there are many people smarter than you give them credit for.”

Chepurin concluded by saying that as there has been a change of authorities in the US, he hoped for a changing that country’s relations with Russia.