EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who is currently on a Balkan tour, on Friday addressed the Serbian National Assembly in Belgrade.

Opposition SRS party and Dveri Movement members of the assembly (“people’s deputies”) protested throughout the speech.

According to Tanjug, Mogherini arrived to “a lukewarm applause”, whereas PM and presidential candidate Aleksandar Vucic, who accompanied her, received “a strong applause.”

SRS deputies then proceeded to chant “Serbia, Russia, we don’t need the (European) Union” and bang their hands on the benches during her entire address.

Mogherini, who opened by saying “good day” in Serbian, said she was “honored to address the house of Serbian democracy,” and commented on the ongoing chanting twice – once to remark that she had prepared a long speech, and was “not tired,” and then by telling deputies they should save themselves for the campaign.

SRS leader Vojislav Seselj announced on Thursday that his presidential campaign would effectively start by interrupting Mogherini’s speech today.

Dveri Movement deputies joined the “performance” by displaying placards reading, “Serbia does not trust Brussels.”

At the end of her address, Mogherini “cordially greeted” Vucic.

According to Tanjug, she “received stronger applause at the end of her speech than the one that welcomed her to the hall.”

The EU official is in Belgrade for meetings with Vucic and President Tomislav Nikolic.