Emergency response forces of the Army of Serbia will be first to get new, super modern equipment from abroad, Telegraf reports.

Special team will be far more capable for work in night combat conditions, because they will be equipped with latest optics.

As the Chief of the Ministry of Defence for Defence Technologies, Major General, prof. Dr. Bojan Zrnic said, the project of equipping the special forces is known under the name “1500”.

“New weapons system includes guns with much better aiming system, primarily nocturnal. This is a very important thing, it is a layered system of sensors, which at night reveals a tank at a distance of 10km,” Zrnic said, adding that there will be major changes, so there will be no bullet proof armor, plate carriers will be acquired, because body armor is too bulky.

New armored protection is known as “tactical carrier”. It is characterized by less weight, greater comfort and a better distribution of weight. It is quickly undressed and with ballistic additives it forms a bulletproof vest.

In addition to the vest, troops can expect a new rifle produced by “Zastava” that has not been mentioned much. It is a modular rifle with interchangeable barrels which can be used with the caliber 7, 62 mm, and the caliber of 6, 5 known as “Grendel” on which the world says a lot.

– Zastava rifle is finished, tests are completed, and together with other equipment it will be presented at the Technical Center in Nikinci next week – said Zrnic.

Special team will be able to show new para shooting equipment as well as diving equipment.