“President of Serbia and FRY Slobodan Milosevic was murdered at the Hague Tribunal with drug “Droperidol”. He died on March 10 at 22:30, half an hour after taking improper treatment. The official report on the investigation of his death, signed by Australian judge Kevin Parker, says that he died on March 11 between seven and nine in the morning from a heart attack, but that is a lie. Also, the official investigation does not say why the surveillance in his cell did not work that night, as well as why prison guards did not check up on him every half an hour, as they did every other night. I stand behind my claims and I am available to any court.”

This is how on Friday spoke prof. Dr. Vukasin Andric, former physician of Serbian president, at the promotion of his book “Anatomy of a judicial murder”. The book was promoted at the 11th anniversary of the death of Slobodan Milosevic.

Dr. Andric also pointed to the delusion that Milosevic died of the consequences of taking the drug “Rifampicin”. These speculations, according to the professor, were deliberately orchestrated from the Hague Tribunal to create the false image of his death in the media and cover up traces of the crime. He explained that “Rifampicin” was also drug that was not prescribed to Milosevic and that he was deceived to take it. Numerous contradictions, that can occur when taking this medication, would certainly testify to this.

“The story about ‘Rifampicin’ was a cover up,” said Andric. “This drug was first mentioned after Milosevic’s death by cardiologist Ternenije who examined Milosevic earlier theoretically postulating that, for example, his heart attack could have been caused by this antibiotic because he had heart problems.

According to Andric, Dutch toxicologist Donald Uges said that reported toxicological analysis done after Milosevic’s death in the Netherlands showed that there were no traces of this medicament in his body. However, Control Laboratory of Toxicology in Bonn, Germany, which also received tissue samples, denied Uges adding that they have found the fatal “Droperidol”.

Andric said that the fact Parker wrote in his report, that “Droperidol” could not have killed a man with serious heart problems, reinforces his belief that this drug was used to orchestrate the “strategy of death” of Slobodan Milosevic. According to Andric, “Droperidol” was given to Milosevic most likely in tea before bedtime.