Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will apply to claim his age pension on May 31, the tabloid Kurir is reporting on Tuesday.

But this does not mean he will also say goodbye to politics, the article noted.

Nikolic told the daily he had not yet decided, nor reached any deal regarding any new political office after his mandate expires this spring.

But, Nikolic explained, as he is 65 years of age and has worked for 45 years, he is eligible and intends to retire.

Asked whether this means he would withdraw from Serbia’s political life, he replied: “That doesn’t mean I will go to political retirement. Ffor now, it is only age pension.”

The president also did not wish to reveal “all his plans.”

According to Kurir, Nikolic “doesn’t have to worry about finances too much” – as his pension will amount to RSD 104,000, i.e., 80 percent of his current salary.

After the end of his presidential mandate, he will also enjoy various privileges – that is, unless he strikes a deal to take on another political office, the daily said.

Nikolic will not seek reelection in Serbia’s presidential elections, to be held on April 2.