Aleksandar Vucic on Sunday traveled to a factory in the town of Velika Plana where he attended a presentation of a new armored vehicle.

The prime minister, who is a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, said the armored vehicles Milos – which was being presented – as well as Lazar and the howitzer Nora “will make our army and police much better and with more modern equipment.”

According to a statement issued by the government, he said Milos was “a powerful 4×4 armored vehicle – six of which will immediately go to the police, together 12.7mm machine guns – probably for the Special Anti-terrorist Unit, while the Gendarmerie will get six Lazar 3’s.”

The Serbian Army will get 12 Lazars armed with cannons and 155mm Nora howitzers, he said, “stressing that 700 to 800 of these vehicles have been ordered from abroad – but we cannot produce even ten of them.”

He reiterated that the government is prepared to invest between 15 to 20 million euros in a new line in the Priboj car factory (FAP) – “if this factory can guarantee their production.”
He described Serbia’s military industry as “important for the economy and one of the key factors of the rapid progress of our overall economy.”

Responding to reporters’ questions, Vucic said that during the Brussels dialogue the formation of an army in Kosovo was “never discussed” and that Serbia will “never support that, nor can anyone impose a topic that is impossible for Belgrade.”

On the eve of Monday’s meeting of the Council for National Security, he said that he expects to get information from all departments “about what is happening in Kosovo and Metohija and the surroundings.”

“Certain political events are worrying, but I am sure that we will try to solve problems with diplomatic means, calmly as until now,” Vucic said and “reiterated that we need to keep peace, that Serbia is ready for dialogue and stressed that Belgrade has fulfilled 90 percent of what was agreed,” the statement said.

“Our job is to find the best solution – the resumption of talks, the preservation of peace and stability, as well as the further growth and strengthening of the Serbian economy, to protect our people and our country, to make it clear that any attack on our citizens and our country would mean their defeat,” Vucic said.