Vucic: Serbia Will Never Join NATO


Serbia will never seek to become part of NATO, since the military alliance devastated the country and killed its citizens, Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic said on Friday, on the anniversary day of the launch of Yugoslavia bombings by NATO in 1999.

“The Republic of Serbia will not seek to become part of the alliance, which so cruelly ravaged our land and killed our children, and of no other alliance. We only want to be independent, to live in peace, and what is most importantly, to preserve our freedom,” Vucic said.

He pointed out that during the three “bloody months” of the NATO operation over 50,000 air strikes hit Serbian territory, killing thousands of servicemen and civilians, including children.

Vucic said that NATO wanted to demonstrate their wealth and military might in comparison to Serbia.

In March 1999, led by the United States, NATO engaged in a 78-day military campaign against what was then Yugoslavia, which consisted of Serbia and Montenegro, over alleged repressions of Albanians in Kosovo. The conflict resulted in the death of over 2,000 civilians and 1,000 security personnel.


  1. Bravo brave Serb VUCIC:
    The massive bloodshed in MOSUL this month and similar atrocities in Ukraine, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan have one common cause: U.S.A. = America’s Mad Military!
    “Divide and conquer”, was the key tactic of the Roman Empire of getting different ethnic groups in the East (Slavic tribes) to fight each other 2.000 years ago. America, the current Empire, is using this tactic of getting ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians to kill each other. (Think of Joe McCarthy and Senator J. McCain.) NATO {U.S.A.) used this “divide and conquer” tactic to destroy Yugoslavia and crush SERBIA in the 1990’s. Serbs were blamed for “genocides” sparked by NATO special forces.
    Pass it on, please.
    Juro GD Knežić (London, Canada) 25/3/17 8:25 PM
    See me on Facebook (as Juro Knezic) for full details.

  2. Serbian Prime Minister Alexander VIcic is not being totally honest about why N A T O and US bombed his country.I find that a shame