Representatives of “the Quint” in Kosovo have called on Kosovo authorities not to take unilateral actions regarding the establishment of an army.

“The Quint” is comprised of the US, Germany, France, United Kingdom, and Italy.

Pristina’s Albanian language daily Zeri is reporting today, cited by RTK2, that they said Kosovo would endanger regional stability and relations with international partners with such an initiative.

“We support Kosovo and the ambition to establish its army in the future. However, we have already pointed out that the development of the security system in Kosovo should happen in agreement with its partners,” a spokesman for the British embassy told the newspaper.

He added that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during his visit to Kosovo pointed out that the support to the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) depends on the current mandate, and noted that Kosovo’s priority “should be to preserve relations with the international community.”

“We expect to be consulted. Any unilateral decision could jeopardize regional stability and could undermine Kosovo’s relations with its international partners,” said the spokesman.

A representative of the German embassy in Pristina told the daily that the mandate of the KSF should be changed in accordance with the Constitution.

“The definition of the mandate and structure of the KSF is a sovereign decision of Kosovo. However, any transformation should be done in accordance with the Constitution through a transparent political process that involves all stakeholders,” said the spokeswoman.