Two young men from Becej started their long 20.000 km trip to Mongolia today, Ninoslav Trajkovic and Djordje Ilcesin. The two young men started their adventure from the main station in Becej in the 27 year old car “Yugo” during which they will drive over 14 countries of eastern Europe and Asia.

They decided on this adventure endeavor from humanitarian reasons, they said for

In order to help the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Becej, but also to promote humanitarian work of young people eager for new adventure travel, young men from Becej started they long trip, despite the cold weather.

Followed by their family and friends, and everybody who supported the action, Ninoslav and Djordje sent their gratitude to everybody for their support.

“This is a great life adventure and we will try to drive incredible 20.000 kilometers in 60 days. The big day is here, as you all can see, our families and friends are here with us, our sponsors and everybody who believe in us,” said Djordje (23) for Telegraf.

Ninoslav (23) said that he did not believe that the idea will grow into serious project which has the goal to promote humanitarian work of young people eager for adventure.

“The car is ready, thanks to out friend car mechanic, the Yugo had a complete technical check. We promised our friends that we won’t shave for two months and we hope that they will recognize us when we return in 60 days,” said Ninoslav.

The closest family members of family Ilcesin and Trajkovic said that at first they did not believe that it is a serious project, but in time, the idea received more and more importance and their support was more and more certain.

Two students of Faculty of Economics in Novi sad, will continue their trip from birthplace Becej over Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, to Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and then to Serbia.