10th anniversary edition of the International documentary film festival Beldocs will take place from May 8th to May 15th, 2017 and it will be marked by extraordinary achievements of contemporary documentary. One more time with feeling a film about Nick Cave and the origin of his famous album will open the festival at the Great hall of Sava Centar. The slogan for this year’s festival is drawn from the Frankie Fenton film that will compete for the Beldocs award.

This year’s novelty is Beldocs Market, co-founded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and supported by the Media Programme, the biggest and the most important European fond, within which are 14 different categories of support – starting with development up to education and co-funding. Market is to be held simultaneously to the festival. This way Beldocs, as the only documentary film festival in the region, will become a place for documentary film professionals to meet and deal with potential demand in the region. This will be a unique market that will help broadcasters sell their films and create new possibilities for documentary film makers.

The anniversary edition will have 11 different programs: Serbian competitive and non-competitive program selected by Marko Grba Singh, International competition program, once again, selected by Greg de Cuir. Some of the films in national program will have their premiers at Beldocs while International program brings a handful of top documentary achievements and films awarded at the great documentaty film festivals such as IDFA, Sundance, Tribeca, Berlinale…

Jury for the films included in these programes consists of interntional film profesionals:

Serbian competition program:

1.       Mladen Kovacic, film director from Serbia
2.       Thierry Detaille, film producer from Brussels
3.       Tea Lukac, film director from Serbia

International competition program:

1.       Andreas Horvath, film director from Austria
2.       Robert Zuber, producer and director from Croatia
3.       Adrijana Stojkovic, film director from Serbia

Same as before, Beldocs will present numerous films in program schemes as Biographical documentaries ( that will include stories about some of the most intriguing characters such as Ingrd Bergman, Helmut Berger, Mihail Tal…), Music and dance films ( that tell stories of Kiki, Chan, Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones…), a retrospective of a neigboring country ( in this case Croatia from a female director perspective), an author retrospective, both national and international ( the choice fell on Goran Markovic and Dutch documentary film maker Alion Van Der Host).

Great innovation of Beldocs is surely the Beldocs special program, supported by the Open Society Foundation, with the subject Creation vs. destruction, that will present engaged achievements that meet high aesthetic criteria and standards. This program is led by famous French author, philosopher and director with his two films – Peshmerga and Battle of Mosul, great works of art and provocative political views.

This year’s Beldocs will also bring in the Educational program as a novelty. The program includes 4 creative documentaries intented for high school students that will be screened at 12pm at the Belgrade Youth Center.

The newness of this year’s festival is certainly the Feelgood Movies program consisting of three sub-programs – Eros & thanatos, Slow & environmental and Nature & society, whose titles speak enough. Stevan Filipovic, program selector, says that he chose the <> because of their differences within the subject. We have films from Eros & Thanatos dealing with the inextricably related topics of sex and death in various ways with emphases on female perspective and female sexuality. Slow films, those that ask us to <> in the time of hysterical acceleration, are the new program concept within selections of the biggest international documentary film festivals, while Environmental films deal with small communities struggling to survive in the world surrounding them. Same as the Nature & society that shows some of the most incredible stories of the modern world.

The anniversary edition will host numerous names from a documentary film niche who will be joined by guests arriving for the market. Those are only some of the surprises brought to you by the jubilee edition of Beldocs.

Festival is supported not only by the European Union and Open Society foundation but also by the Film Center Serbia, Austrian Cultural Forum, Embassy of Israel, Goethe institut, Embassy of Sweden, AlJazeera Balkan, MEDIA desk Serbia. The support of the Republic of Serbia Ministry of culture and information and City of Belgrade Secretariat for Culture is expected.

We are waiting for you from the 8th to the 15th of May at the tenth International documentary film festival Beldocs.