Ramush Haradinaj’s brother and member of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo Daut Haradinaj continued with threats saying that Belgrade should know that it will receive the same answer as in 1999 and that it should not play with Ramush Haradinaj.

At the session of the Kosovo Assembly Daut Haradinaj said that those who govern in Belgrade should know that they will receive the same answer as in 1999 and that Albanians got freedom with the help of the international community, reported RTK2.

“I did not say that there will be ethnic cleansing, this is what Belgrade wants, not Daut Haradinaj and Albanians. They must not play with one man (Ramush Haradinaj)”, said Daut Haradinaj and threatened by repeating 1999.

At the session of the Kosovo Assembly he noted that his statement caused numerous reactions and that he “said it deliberately”, and that the statement was commented and interpreted differently.

“Now we know that there are tendencies to destabilize the country. I repeated that no one can play with the Albanian people. If someone aims to destabilize the country, let them do it somewhere else. No one more than me wishes peace in Kosovo”, said Haradinaj.

Daut Haradinaj on television Dukadjini eaerlier threatened with war and ethnic cleansing of the Serbs in Kosovo if his brother Ramush is extradited from France to Serbia, which accuses him for war crimes.