Member of Kosovo Assembly Daut Haradinaj, brother of the leader of Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and former Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, said that there will be not a Serb in Kosovo, if Ramush is extradited from France to Serbia.

Taking part in the show “Infobox” on TV Dukadjini, Haradinaj threatened even with war if the court in Colmar, France, makes a decision on the extradition of Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia, reports Beta.

“They can lead us into war, nothing else. I do not know about the others, but I do know for myself: if they make a mistake and do it (extradite Haradinaj) they should be prepared for more serious topics. If they want Kosovo ethnically Serb-free, then they should make jokes”, said Daut Haradinaj.

Colmar Court of Appeal decided on Thursday to keep Haradinaj in France and wait for another hearing, on April 27, when the court should make the decision on Serbia’s request for his extradition.

Haradinaj yesterday after the hearing said that he expect to be released on April 27.

In a statement for Pristina media, Haradinaj called on his supporters to be calm becase he believes that “justice is entirely on his side”.