PM Aleksandar Vucic has sent a telegram of condolences to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and PM Dmitry Medvedev after the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

“We are deeply shaken by the news of the horrific explosion at a metro station in St. Petersburg, which is obviously a senseless act of terrorism,” Vucic said, and added:

“Such events remind us that the common and determined fight against this scourge, which has no dimensions and no limits, should be a priority for all of us in protecting our citizens and giving them a life without fear. The Republic of Serbia is ready to contribute, within its capabilities.”

“On behalf of the government of the Republic of Serbia and on my own, I extend condolences to you, to the government and citizens of the Russian Federation. Please convey to the families of the victims our deepest sympathy and to those injured our best wishes for a speedy recovery,” Vucic said in his message, according to the Serbian government.

President Tomislav Nikolic also offered his condolences to Vladimir Putin and to the families of the victim.

“The attack on the peaceful citizens of St. Petersburg, which in the past suffered much evil from similar totalitarian and terrorist acts, is an attack on the entire civilized world and on all of us,” Nikolic said, according to this press service.

Serbia will now, as in the past, firmly stand with Russia, he continued.

“And just as we in the past rose together against such, who wished to destroy us, I guarantee, Mr. President, that we will stand with you this time as well, as will the whole peace and justice loving world,” Nikolic said, and concluded:

“Today, as always, the Serbian people stand undivided and firm with our Russian friends. I am convinced this is the case with everyone who loves peace and freedom.”