A representative of the North Korean General Staff said that Pyongyang will launch a “preemptive strike” in case of any US’ “political, economic or military provocation.”

“All political, economic and military provocation schemes will be decisively disrupted by a superpowerful response from our army and people,” the statement cited by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said.

According to the DPRK, Pyongyang’s response will include preemptive strikes from sea, air and land.

The North Korean General Staff vowed to target US military bases in Japan, South Korea and the residence of the South Korean president in Seoul in case of US aggression.

The US military bases in Osan, Kunsan and Pyeongtaek, as well as the South Korean presidential residence were named as possible targets that may be “turned into ashes in a matter of minutes.”

Also, the representative of the North Korean General Staff called for not forgetting that the DPRK missiles are aimed at US bases in Japan, as well as in the US itself.

Moreover, the DPRK General Staff said it is ready to strike a US aircraft carrier, USS Carl Vinson.

“The closer large targets approach [North Korea], including the US nuclear aircraft carrier, the more effective the annihilating strike will be,” the General Staff said.