Interior Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic ordered a verification of allegations that a police administration sought information about citizens treated for psychiatric illness, denying that Serbian Police so far collected such data.

Stefanovic reacted to allegations of the Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic who said that he started the process of control in Police over the implementation of the Law on the protection of Personal Data because a police administration of one city in Serbia requested from a health institution to deliver data of citizens who are treated on the basis of health codes “F”, or from disease or deviation of the spirit and consciousness.

Stefanovic said that he does not have the information on these allegations and that he ordered a verification, and pointed out that it certainly has nothing to do with Ministry of Internal affairs (MIA) central, and that, if someone made the offense, appropriate measures will be taken.

When asked whether MIA so far collected such data, Stefanovic said that MIA collects information in accordance with the law, which clearly specifies what can and what can not be requested.

“We will see what this is about, I would not like to speak of things I know nothing about”, said Stefanovic.