“Protests will resume from Tuesday and will last, in various ways, until we have achieved a society without fear.”

This is said in a statement sent to the media from “the email address” “protestprotivdiktature2017” (“protest against dictatorship 2017”), Tanjug is reporting on Monday.

The statement said that participants are actively working on connecting with various social actors, workers, educators, trade unions, individuals and organizations, “everyone who is aware that this will be a longer struggle than a two-week protest, and that it will, in different ways, last until a society is achieved where the common man will not be intimidated by an aggressive and manipulative authorities.”

“We understand the fact that Aleksandar Vulin is announcing the dismissal of top RTS people for reporting on the protest as a conflict within the family, and we emphasize that we are not fighting to enable a rotation in such a responsible position of personnel ready to make a less vulgar and seemingly professional version of (the tabloid) Informer out of the public service”- said the statement.