The Serbian Army will receive state of the art Belgian-made automatic rifles, the daily Politika writes.

The newspaper said it received confirmation from the Serbian Ministry of Defense about the acquisition of FN-Herstal’s SCAR-L (“light” variant of SN SCAR) rifles.

This “21st century” weapon, meant to be used by special troops, was developed for the US Special Operations Command to meet the requirements of the SCAR (Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle) competition.

However, the Serbian MoD “did not specify” which units would receive the rifles. Instead, they told the daily in a written statement that the Serbian Army “plans to equip certain units and forces dedicated to performing special tasks.”

According to the report, knowledgeable sources think this concerns what the media have dubbed Project 1,500 – the publicly announced plan by the country’s top official to equip 1,500 soldiers with “state of the art equipment and weapons.”