The Belgrade-based daily Blic has started publishing articles which it says reveal “secret data about the Albanian mafia in Kosovo.”

In the first installment of a series of articles, the newspaper writes that Kosovo President Hashim Thaci “heads one of the biggest criminal organizations.”

Several police forces from around the world have designated Thaci as the leader of “the Drenica Group,” while he is suspected of war crimes and human organ trade in a Council of Europe report, the newspaper said, and added:

“Beside the brothers Ramush and Daut Haradinaj, the leaders of the Metohija Group, he is the most prominent representative of organized crime in the southern Serbian province. The third group is made up of members loyal to Rrustem Mustafa aka Remi, who are active in the area of Lab.”

Citing a report of Serbia’s Security Information Agency (BIA), the daily claims that Thaci’s Drenica Group controls between 10 and 15 percent of all criminal dealings in Kosovo and Metohija that include smuggling arms, stolen cars, fuel, “and partially cigarettes – as well as prostitution.”

“The same has been stated in a report of the German intelligence agency BND, the content of which has also been published by WikiLeaks,” the article said.

“Many services have registered cooperation of the Drenica Group with the biggest mafia groups in Albania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Macedonia,” reports the daily.

The report of the Special Rapporteur Dick Marty, adopted by the Council of Europe, states that Thaci heads a group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs in Eastern Europe.
Blic adds that the document, which refers to operational data of many security and police services in Western Europe, and of the FBI, states that Thaci is the leader of the Drenica Group, which is affiliated with the Albanian mafia.

“There, the connections go through Ekrem Luka, who cooperates with the Haradinaj clan. Thaci’s sister is married to Bajrush Sejdiu aka Milano, who is one of the criminal leaders of the entire Albanian mafia, with an HQ in Kumanovo (Macedonia),” the paper said.

Kosovo’s president, according to BIA reports, controls most of organized crime in the Istok-Klina-Srbica region.

Referring to BIA and BND information, the newspaper mentions Thaci’s associates in criminal activities, stating that “the Germans had information that Thaci had hired professional killer Afrim, known as Bekimi”.

Blic also points out that, according to the BND, Thaci’s Drenica Group had established contacts with terrorists and mobsters from Chechnya.

“Also, it is known that Thaci attended a meeting with Osama bin Laden in Albania. The then leader of Al Qaeda was in Albania as a guest of former President Sali Berisha, and apart from the two, and Thaci, the meeting was attended by Bashkim Gazidede, former head of the secret police of Albania, and by Ramush Haradinaj. After the meeting, several al-Qaeda cells were formed in Albania and in the southern Serbian province,” writes the daily.